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Do I need a prescription?

Natural progesterone can only be legally supplied in the UK and Ireland with a prescription from a doctor. No progesterone cream has yet been licensed as a medicine in the UK (or elsewhere) so at present these creams are only available as 'unlicensed medicines', which nevertheless require a prescription. Only one natural progesterone cream is legally available for prescription in the UK at present. Because this cream is an unlicensed medicine, it does not appear in your doctor's drug reference guides. You may wish to organise, for your GP, a copy of the NPIS Doctor's Pack (see Products and Services) which will give your doctor background information that he or she may find helpful. This must be payed for by you and can only be sent direct to your G.P.

Can I get it on the NHS

Some GPs will prescribe progesterone cream, depending on whether they are fund-holding practices who will bear the cost themselves, or whether their Area Health Authority will pay. Alternatively your GP may be willing to give you a private prescription for which he or she will make a charge and then you will need to pay for the cream yourself.

Consulting a private doctor

If your GP is unwilling to give you a prescription you may choose to consult a doctor privately, using the list of private doctors below. These are doctors who prescribe progesterone in their practice (when appropriate), including some that give consultations by phone or post. When you are given a private prescription always ask for one that covers several tubes of cream so that you save on the cost of going back to the doctor too frequently.

List of Private Doctors:

Ireland & UK


Dr Sheila Gibson
0141 427 1505
Consultations only


Dr David Owen
01962 856310
Consultations only


Dr Jenny Nevison
01462 894743
Consultations only


Dr P J Kingsley
01530 223622
Consultations only


Dr Liam E Chapman
020 8203 9485
Consultations only

Dr John D Moran
020 7935 4870
Consultations only


Dr David Smallbone
0 353 539 232 463
Consultations / Telephone consultations (Appointments)