Saliva Testing Service



The Natural Progesterone Information Service now offers saliva testing through a highly reputable UK laboratory, Genova Diagnostics.

The procedure is simple. The lab will send you a test kit so that you can provide a saliva sample in the comfort of your own home. You then mail that to the lab with your payment and the results will be sent to you to discuss with your doctor or healthcare provider if you wish.

Test and Price

Progesterone and Oestrogen (two hormones): £68

How to order

1. Contact Genova by telephone 020 8336 7754 or email

2. State clearly that you are a NPIS contact and quote this code: 2306 (this is important: the lab will not send a kit without a reference code). You must also state your name, address and daytime telephone number.

Please note, Genova do not put your address details on your saliva results due, they say, to data protection; they will only display your name. When you have placed an order with Genova, please make contact with NPIS on 00353 539 232 463 to give your address information so there won’t be a hold up sending out your results when they come in. It may also be helpful if you inform Genova when placing your order that you give permission for your address details to be included on your results

3. You will receive a kit with full instructions. If you have any questions contact Genova at the number or email address in 1 above.

4. Return your sample with payment. If you forget payment your result will be delayed until payment is received. Do not send payment before sending your sample.

5. Your saliva test report will be sent to you, together with a list of doctors used to interpreting these results, should you wish to consult one of them.